iComputing Solutions, previously known as MacIntel Solutions, co-operated with Apple’s policies by rebranding itself to ICS and has been in existence since January 2006, servicing basic to semi-advanced Apple-based companies within the vicinity.

We acquired positive word of mouth and a reputation for True Service Excellence amongst our clientele base. ICS began with only two employees over a decade ago (2006) but grew to an thirteen full-time staff members. Now, 12 years down the line, our original approach and attributes have established and catapulted ICS with the expansion of two Retail Outlets in KZN.

In the heart of Morningside Durban, an affluent area in KZN, our headquarters are based at the centre of the vibrant Florida Road precinct and our branch in Ballito is based at the newly renovated Lifestyle Centre. Both branches incorporate a fully-fledged Apple Showrooms and Technical
Workshops with training facilities.
Focusing on our key strengths and underlying values needed in the industry, have given ICS steady growth over our tenure with our key clientele.


To build a reputation as one of the most innovative Apple Solutions and Services provider in South Africa. We believe in doing our work in the most efficient way with robust and structured methodologies, with gradually evolving from hard-work to smart-work culture.


iComputing Strategy hinges on providing unparalleled services and support, which are critical in setting us apart from our competitors to become true partners with our clients. We are committed to delivering a new age of efficient, cost effective, innovative products and quality service.

Our value-added services and support are custom made based on our clients’ requirements, offering an alternative perspective, helping to resolve supply issues, delivering products and implementing training solutions. Our support infrastructure guarantees the backup our clients deserve.


Our key focus and objective is to continue our momentum within the BtwoB and Educational Sectors. Armed with valuable business insights, we have learnt to improve our strategies to make business more profitable. ICS continues to provide custom solutions and services to suit specific industry needs. Healthy earnings and empowered growth and from year to year are the main deliverables ICS strives to achieve.

Continuous maintenance and building of strategic alliances with clients and suppliers are our main aims while managing the business and implementing consistent measuring in a balanced ethos. Our primary focus is to be the Sales, Services, Technical And Solutions Experts of Apple Products and Apple Products Only in South Africa.

We have built our clientele base and have transformed the business into a Value Added Provider by offering with emerging services and technologies.